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Posted: 2009-01-29 17:48:00 UTC
He is just into fling
one time something

He can never commit
His scandals, he'll never admit,
He lies and lies anywhere
He has no compassion or care

Anything he touches he bruise
like an opportunist he uses, uses

He joggles heart
not caring if they are torn apart

up,down he got me
just won't let me free

heart-breaker,hypocrite,very animalistic

It seems He forget easily, let go easily

He, I want to erase from my mind

I don't need to wait on another sign

he should probably change, rearrange

He, I tried to accept,
do and be my best

He, apart of me loves to see,

He i really hate
makes me think hard till its late

he i want to leave, my life from him retrieve

Out of sight
out my life
out my mind

he don't know how to be no good
though i wish he could

He wasted my time
My love for him made me blind

He I'll love forever
but, will always remember The way He
hurt me

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2009-02-11 06:57:04LostSoul
I loved your last stanza. I feel the same way and this coming from a male.