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Posted: 2009-01-29 17:47:51 UTC
Here we go again
he keeps playing the same old music

This time I can't dance to it

here we go again
It's getting lame
same beat but different songs

here we go again
he moves the same way to all songs

I can't sit and watch this'
I can't listen anymore,

What a surprises me, the audience applause

Here we go again- after this, watch and see, he will
approach my table.
Night after, night the same stupid act
over, over and over
I'm going to walk out,
for good this time

I kept coming thought he would change his act or lines
here i go heading through the door
wait before I do he desrve to feel these six empty bottles
hit is f**king head.
ok thats it I had enough now I'm out

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2009-02-11 06:52:52LostSoul
lol...loved the ending.

2012-01-22 03:15:57sweetNsour
When I wrote this poem I was breaking up wid someone I loved very much. Stayed with him for six years. When I tried leaving he had lame stories. And I grew tired so I left.