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Posted: 2009-01-30 08:10:41 UTC
he said wait,
i say i will'
yet i am scared to.

they said leave him
i say i will, .maybe
yet i know i don't really want to,

he says i love you,
they say he plays you
i say i know yet - i don't

he says, i have my plans are for us
they say there is no us

i say, nothing

he says You are the one for me
I say i know
they he say he has many

I try,
He try less

I love
He love less

I talk
he talks less

I give,
He gives less.

I shout
He stays calm

I accuse
He stays calm

i run
he holds me

I push him
He holds me

I say Go!
He stays

He trust me
I doubt him

I feel, the hurt of him been away,
He is numb to everything

I captured by love
He is free, free to laugh to work

I think mostly on him
he thinks mostly of himself

I want more
He want it as it is

I want to go
I want to stay

He as changed
I have mature

we are different yet
we are still thinking we are together

are we?
Is it love I am feeling?

SO confusing?
some what abusing?

I wish i knew where he goes when he go?
I wish i knew if He loves me or just using me?

I wish knew if I am wasting my time?
If he is really Mine?

Am I fooling myself?

Should i start dating someone else?

Should i listen to what they say?

Or should I let love lead the way?

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2009-03-04 23:04:37karen straker
you deserve alot better, what love, love is a two way street

2009-03-06 01:50:14sweetNsour
Thanks for your comment Karen