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Posted: 2012-03-10 06:46:59 UTC
Dear Society,

Who ever you are,
I hate the fact that
You wana rule everyone,
Telling me how to wear my hair and clothes.
How to sit, when to fart or blow my nose.

What job is proper,
What hair type, skin colour, weight is pretty.

What style is in now,

What to teach our kids in school

Who the fuck you think you are?

Trying to run the world.

Making me pay to see nature
Telling me what time to get up from bed

I am tired of your mental slavery

Your shallow thoughts

And your stupid rules

You stay in your high position and give orders

This is not how the creator of earth wanted earth to be.

Show your self oh 'royal' society
I hate you
I wish I could break every rule you put in place.

With anger and hatred

One of your victims

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2012-04-05 00:17:08sweetNsour
Tired of standards and rules