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Posted: 2012-02-19 00:39:06 UTC
Oh hell, you have captured the people
Now all they do is weep and fight in torment. The worms that eat up their flesh
Oh hell you released your beast and let the people accept the mark

Oh hell
They cry and suffer by fire

Oh hell
You sumbit no rest
Release no happinest
The people wail in thirst
Though they cried for mercy
Though they cried for help
You open your doors and swallow them up
They were not heard
As they entered darkness of death
Oh hell
Oh hell
Where is your justice?
Oh hell

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2012-04-04 11:52:47sweetNsour
Judgement does not sound welcoming, many prophecy in the bible as fullfilled why not judgement?

2012-05-27 06:06:34Malcolm Moss
You are the only person to have commented on my stuff. (Thanks for your encouragement). Certainly sounds like hell.