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Poem title Voter rating Comments
The Bloody River 3
What's Its Like To Be Me 1
Empty Soul 91
There's No Hope For Me
Hidden Pain
The Only One
Happy Birthday Baby
My True Love
Sick of
She's Through
Drinking Again
Happy Sweet 16 91
Your My Best Friend
I Tear My Heart Open
Locked Away
We Only Just Met
Lost Girl
Her Torn Flesh
Behind The Scars
Wearing Black
He Left Her Standing
She Was Posin For Him
Abused 1
All He Wanted Was Love
Loving You
Love Is, Love Isn't
You'll Know
Our Love Is Everlasting
Laying In Your Arms
I Never Had
It Gets Lonely
Locked Up
What's Happend To Us?
I Do
She's In Love With The Boy
How Do I Live?
His Obession
What Its Like To Love A Kansas Man
It Cost Her Life 1
The List
When You Kiss Me
When You Said The Words 1
I Feel Alone
When I Said I Do 1
Picture Perfect
When We Make Love 1
He Got Away With Murder 1
The Two Were Best Friends
In The End
No One Ever Knew
Mommy's Drunk 1
The Kind Hearted Soldier 1
I Only Want You To Love Me
I Miss
I Don't Know Where I Stand In Your Heart
Daddy's Little Servent 1
Now You'll Understand
My Only Friend
The Pain You Cause Me
All I Want From You
Behind Closed Doors
Dying Inside
She Died Of A Broken Heart 2
His Last Request 1
Two Cousins
The Five Balls
Summer Camp
The Corner
The Little Girl
The Letter
The Hidden Drug
The Night My Heart Stopped Beating
At Times
My Heart Is Lost To You 1
I Love The Way
What Its Like To Fall In Love
He Enjoyed Her Pain
I'm Done
Take Me Now!
She Can't Escape 1
He Never Knew
His Promise
You Don't Know Him
The Night Tradgey Struck
The Dark Lady
This IS Why He IS The Way He Is
He Went Too Far
The Constant Battle 1
Bloody Dreams
Fatal Love 1
Not A Day Goes By 1
She Made A Mistake
I Just Wanted You To Know
Goonight My Love
Please Daddy No 1
He Gave His Life For Her
The Broken Road
Don't Leave Me 1
My Sweet Baby Boy
Blood Pack
Once You Find The One
I Love You 1
You Wrote His Death Wish
The Bullet Is In Her Brain
Hold Me Tight
She Took Her Love Away
They Tried To Keep Them Apart
Her Brought Her To Do It
Her Life Is A Mess
He Needs To Die
She Doesn't Care Anymore
Let The Blood Drip
There's No Way Out
The Blood Stained Rose
The Night He Took Her Innocence 1
Her Hero
He Is The Reason For Her Torment 2
Don't Go Into The Woods 1
Its Too Late 2
The Walk
Living Hell
His Life Wasn't Easy 1
I Miss You 1
She Once Was Strong 1
That Warm Night
I'm Addicted
I Can't Take It
She Took Her Fatal Jump Tonight
Your Like A Brother To Me 1
Let's Die Tonight
You Don't Understand Me 1
I'll Always Be Loyal To You
Stop This Abuse
She Took Her Last Breath Tonight 1
It Was A Crime Of Passion 1
Your Pushing Me Over The Edge 3
He Made Her Watch Him Die
You Have Ruined My Life
Hold Me Close
Why Must I Live?
The Grave Upon The Hill
Make Love To Me 1
Spread My Legs 2
These Cuts On My Wrists
Cut Me 2
One Soldier
My Love For You 2
His Fate Was Set
What Alcohol Does To Familes
When You Love Someone 1
The Night You Touched Me 3
Turn To Me
His Eyes (Part One) 1
Lessons Of Love
I'll Wait For You 1
Its Your Love 1
Nobody Know's
His Eyes (Part Two) 1
Are You Holding Back? 1
The Night I Saw His Emotions 2
Just Treat Me The Same
Stress 1
Across The Sea 1
The Look In Your Eyes 1
I Just Want To Forget
One Blow 3
You Taught Me To Love Again 1
I'll Slash My Wrists Tonight 1
Its Because You Love Me 2
Her Blood Stains His Hands 1
Your The Only One I Can Trust 1
I Have Failed You
Life Throws You When You Least Expect It 2
He Wanted To Die
You Could See The Rage In His Eyes
Behind The Mask
The Black Curtain
When You Hold Me 2
She Was Heartless 1
Without You
I Owe It All To You
Who Am I? 8.52