In The End, by LaShawnna Subscribe to rss feed for LaShawnna

She loves him yet he don't see, she weeps each night because
he blames her, he says she don't do anything for him. But he
don't see how much she does for him. She has so much
pressure, and stress on her, but in the end she'll be
dead.Maybe he'll realize how much she risked for him. All
she wants is the old days back, but he refuses to change. He
doesn't feel like he should have to change. In the end
she'll be gone forever she'll be just a memory in his mind.
She begs him each night to treat her right, but he rather
feel her pain. But thats going to cost him cause in the end
she'll be dead. 
Posted: 2005-10-30 15:19:20 UTC

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