When You Hold Me, by LaShawnna Subscribe to rss feed for LaShawnna

When you hold me I feel happy, as happy as a little kid
playing in the trees. When you hold me I feel safe, and
secure, as safe as a newborn in her mother's arms. When you
hold me I feel like crying, crying tears of joy that is.
When you hold me passion takes its place, and I surrender to
your caress. When you hold me I feel so much love that I
fell like I'm going to burst with love. When you hold me I
know that I belong to you, and you belong to me because when
you hold me I know our love will last forever, and for
Posted: 2005-10-30 20:35:19 UTC

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2005-11-01 02:59:20waterlily
this makes me think of a man i liked alot when i was a little kid! i never felt safe and secure in my mother's arms so i can knot relate to that image.mayB i could if i pictured my Jewish grama! it would be a luxury to beheld now i think.rarelydo we cry out of joy.how nice for you though! hold me passion.never heard it phrased like that befoe butt i suppose you are correct.whomever you wrote this about must B very lucky!

2005-11-09 01:59:17waterlily
i still like it ...except for the momma's part