You Wrote His Death Wish, by LaShawnna Subscribe to rss feed for LaShawnna

Dear Sarah, do you remember Daniel Olsen? Yeah well he'd
dead and its all because you never gave him the time of the
day.You wrote his death wish, he wanted you to notice him
but you never did.And when people made fun of him you joined
in, and it crushed him to learn this, he knew I cared for
him alot but he told me he had to have you or it would be
the end.Now it is because you wrote his death wish, Daniel
didn't have a easy life, and he found someone he could love,
and you crushed him like he was a bug.So now he's in the
ground, all because you pushed him over the edge.You wrote
his death wish, and now he is gone. 
Posted: 2005-10-30 15:52:30 UTC

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