There's No Hope For Me, by LaShawnna Subscribe to rss feed for LaShawnna

All you do is lie, so why should I believe you've changed?
You got beer again today, you know how beer ruined my life,
because you were the one who drank the beer which caused you
to show your true emotions to me. There's no hope for me,
because I'm taking my life tonight. I can't take your lies,
You'll never change, I know this because you've said you'd
change before but you have not yet. I have the gun in my
hand, then you walk in, and I smile, and put the gun to my
head, and blow my brains out. You see there was no hope for
me, because you never once changed for the good. Now I'm
dead, and free from this insanity
Posted: 2005-10-30 14:37:46 UTC

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