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My name is Ryann and I have been through at lot on my life time. If you are one of the few that know me in real life and I let read my peoms, feel privlaged because its very hard to let people I know around me read this because it is a side of me I never show. I write my poems in a book with a star one it. (()) I almost always have it on me. I have issues and I know it so you dont need to remind me. lol. I love mike and with out him I am sure I wouldnt be here. He helps me by just being there for me and listening to me and trying to help, I tell him this every time I'm sorry I'm stupil; I just cannot help that I am not big enough to edmit needing help..I refuse!! umm yeah People like Tara and Tia and Chriss and Ashley and Mike are HUGE influences on my life and I will do my best to make my life better, or at least not seem so bad. ummm blah blah blah, you wana know anything else ask me! love you lots even with my broken x3.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Alone With My Thoughts
Better Off Alone
A Single Soldier 1
Forever Searching
Play My Part
Peace Today
Standing Still
Try To Smile
Why Are You So Damn Confused?
You Were A Mistake
Can I?
Crimson Rain 2
He Will Come Again 1
Sit In The Rain
Enamy 1
Not Again 83
My Scars Reveal
Where Are You? 2
I'm Sorry
I Want To Die
I Want To Be Where You Are 1
Lost My Way
My Good-Bye
Father Of Dreams
Suicidal Ballerinas 1
Bloody Knife 1
You Said
Three Little Words
I'm Waiting
You Can't
It's Not Suicide
Corporate Powers
Love And Death
I Thought
Early Morning
Its A Feeling I Don't Want To Feel.
Angel On Earth
Christian (don't read this if all your gana do is yell at me) 3
Yes, I Guess I am Selfish
Selfish, Part 2
Girl of your Dreams
Pay-back is a Bitch.
In the Name of Love....((?)) 4
Insomniac 7.52
The Light in my Eyes. 71