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Poem title Voter rating Comments
Used up toy 94
I don't love you 3
Where are you?
Reflection 84
Lost Soul 83
Turn back the hands of time 3
I still remember 5
Moonlit Sky 2
Behind these walls 1
Everyday is a struggle 1
It's 3 o'clock in the morning
Soldier at war 2
Love is Suicide 7
This is my life 2
All these years 92
Here I am Alone 92
I won't be denied 3
Good-bye my love 3
Living in the streets 94
Peaceful Place 2
I still remember you 92
Little Pieces 82
The Dam
I hate you
Dead Heart 3
Screw you too
Hole so Deep 1
The new you
Numb 2
Let's Rock 2
The Key 1
Grew up Alone
I'm Out
I brake for butterflies 85
Know me?
Hold Me
GET UP!!! 3
Take a Chance
I got the Blues 4
Picture me now
Cupid's Arrow
Casualty 4
The Wind 4
Imaginations from afar
Fit the Crowd 2
Drown In My Tears (lyrics) 6
Reaching Out 3
Sing my Song 3
Let Me Lay Here 2
Standing In The Rain 99
Forever Living 2
Work Load
We Only Got One Life 2
Take My Things and Pack Away
Waste Of Time
Dreamer's Dream
Put Me Out of My Misery
Behind These Eyes 2
Musical Rebuttals (Avril Lavigne - "When Your're Gone")
Musical Rebuttal(Blue Magic-"Sideshow")
Musical Rebuttal(Alicia Keys-"If I Ain't Got You")
The Blurry Bridge 1
The Road Ahead 2
I Refuse
Let Me Shine (lyrics)
Let Go (Part 1) 2
Let Go (Part II) 92
Saw Your Picture Today 4
Broken Hearts
Another Sleepless Night
What's Going On In The World Today? 2
Trust (experimentation in Haiku) 2
Fantasy Girl (lyrics)
The Hungry Child 2
It's The Rebel In Me
Strangers (Observations from a Restuarant) 91
Never Really Knew Me
Love and Hate
Behind The Mask
Another Monday Mornin'
Look Into My Eyes
The Lie
Knowledge is Power
Alone in This Room 2
Drowning in Tears 92
My Curse 2
Lies and Truth 2
Rain or Shine 2
That Part Of Me is Dead 3
Blood and Death (Dark Write)
A Martyr of Our Love
Never Claimed To Be A Saint (Dark Write)
My Spirit Refused To Die
Two Souls Lost
My Eyes Won't Pour Out Rain 3
Turning Point
Rebirth Of A Phoenix 2
Your Destiny Is Your Own Remake
Eyes Closed
Love Resembles Rage
Dead Visions In My Head
Big Giant Contradiction
Lying On The Floor 2
Relieving Regret
Wake Me When Someday Comes to Pass
Looking at Life
Memories That Haunt 92
Sleeping Amongst The Dead 7
War and Peace
One Man, One Life 2
Vixen, Truth, Death 7
Finally See The Sun 92
Sweet Sweet Pie 9
A Need To Remember
Something Was, Something Is
Long Lost Forgotten 2
Child's Eyes
Can't Fix You 9
Raindrops Falling
Bitter Sweet Good-bye
Cling on Wasted Life
Not Real Just Pretend 2
Breathing Breathless
Hope and Dream 92
Separate Lives
She Said She Wants To Get To Know Me
One Last Hug, One Last Kiss 1
Living Homeless, Hopeless
Traded Everything For Love 2
Nothing Left But Nothing
Too Far From Gone
Confided In You
No Need To Talk 92
Time Can't Erase 82
Stranger In The Night
Nothing But Trouble Follows
Worthwhile Smile 2
Misunderstood 82
Believing Possibilities
Imperfection Maddingly Ridiculous
Break Free 1
Better Than Yesterday 91
Casualty Of War 8
Scent of Tattered Lies
Biggest Smile
Loving Rare
"WE" Is Not A Part Of "ME" 1
Livin' Life Without Fear 91
Dear Diary 1
Place Called Home
Singin' My Song
Loving is Caring Too Much to Trust
Better Days
I Am
Living Memories
I Don't Care
Care Free 1
Perfectly Flawed 1
My Failure
Leave The Night
Self Quiz
Poisoned Weed
Strong Spirit
Tempo of Life
Step Through It
The Wind 81
Forget About Me 91
Forced Fed Lies 2
Find Yourself 1
Time to Move On
Fate's A Knockin' 1
You Were My Friend
Someday I Feel Empty
Should I Stay Here
My Own Beat
Gliding On A Star 1
One Without A Clue 2
A Wilted Rose
Gift To You, I Surrender
Need To Act 1
Just Like Me 2
Just Because
Nothing Else Matters
Wouldn't It Be Beautiful
Regrets of Living Lies
Gorgeous Glitters
Reality 1
Living In The Streets (Homeless Project Part 1 of 10)
Run Away (Homeless Project Part 2 of 10)
Creed of My Lullaby (Homeless Project 3 of 10)
Share Them With Me
Used It Against Me 1
Find Myself 2
Flying Outside My Window Pane
Until Tomorrow 2
In My Dreams 2
Free Your Mind 1
Darkness Seems So Close
How Come?
Except Today
Win Or Lose
Mom's Call
Never Too Late 92
Another Sleepless Night
The Forgotten Ones 2
Are You Out There?
By Your Side
Together Rejected 61
Let Me Be Me 1
Hypnotic Angel (Spoken Word Poetry posted on Youtube)
Life (Spoken Word Poetry posted on Youtube)
Dreams (Spoken Word Poetry Posted on Youtube) 91
Words Are Just Words 1
Indiscretions 1
Sunny Day 81
Black and White 84
Because Of You
Journey Towards Heaven 5