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In falling into yesterday, I seemed to forget tomorrow lingers on in my memories. It will happen, with or without the me that others see. Why, might I ask... can it go on so simply without them, but what about the me that I see... Will I find myself finally free of my yesterdays and endless tomorrows and live in the gift of today?
Poem title Voter rating Comments
You 3
I Miss You 1
Ocean's End 2
The Librarian
Don't Miss A Moment
I Don't Know 1
You Will Never Know (A Song) 93
I Have To Move On! 1
I Already Said Goodbye (My Last Promise) 2
At Least I See You 1
You Can Never Know Me Now 2
Written In Pen 84
Only You
From The Start
Different Worlds
The Story of the Dolphin
The Truth 1
Behind You
In The Palm of His Hand 4.5
Darkness in Light 1
Spring 91
My Place 94
The Name
Locked Out 1
What is Love? 92
I am Blind
I Used To...
A Dream Called Today
I Hope It's Enough
I Lost You? 2
We Cannot Be 91
Santa For Hire (Santa Was Mean) 1
You Must Survive 71
Forget It 91
In The Picture 1
My Visit From God
The Day That We Met
Hide 4
What Shall I Write About? 1
A Story of Pain(a poem) 2
Life is Like a Butterfly (sorry, it's kinda pathetic.) 2
Why I Write 1
Change 92
Watch and Listen (Uncontious) 1
Gone 91
Be Great! 1
Without You
Cleaning My Heart. 1
Without A Word. 2
A False Claim 3
How it Goes
Why Did You Hurt Them? 81
What You Did 2
You Taught Me 1
The End of The Year. 6
If Only 91
Chains of Anger 91
Thouughts When I'm Bored (It's kinda weird... sorry) 1
Love Is Not Enough
My Gift to You
Not Enough 1
The World
A Broken Lock 4.51
His Broken Heart
I am a Writer. (A Little Story About Me) 93
It'll Be Worth It 1
No More I
The Great I Am 1
I Fell
The Unfinished Poem
Heart 1
I Miss Home
What A Waste 1
No More Second Chances
Only One Thing
The Question (Quicksand)
New Promises
I'll Dream
Because of Another 1
Yeah You!
Just as Well 1
I Fall
To Say Goodbye.
Plastic Chains 1
Soundproof 85
Tomorrow 2
The Cost 9
Humpty Dumpty +some personal thoughts
Water From Below