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Skipping classes, outside in the rain.
Happy times, and I'm not feeling pain.
Soaking wet, as the sky pours down tears.
Springtime now, it's the end of the year.
Laying low, while I hide from teachers.
Getting caught, something to fear.
It's quite sad, it's the end of school.
Summer soon, there's no one to fool.
So, now I guess, more classes to skip.
Having fun, as I watch the rain drip.
Walking 'round, being soaked to the core.
Always though, my soul asks for more.
Posted: 2010-04-08 13:35:17 UTC

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2010-04-28 00:53:19~Angela~
Oh YES!!!u SSSOOO read my mind!!!!(lol)

2010-05-05 03:21:08~Angela~

2010-07-03 05:43:11baya
i love this! you really know how to rhyme unlike some people like the girl who commented twice before me . . . anyways this is really cool.

2011-03-28 14:49:47Autumn Leaves
I like it... but skipping class? Really?? :)

2011-08-04 15:01:25Convalescence
Yeah. Really. XD

2013-02-20 06:07:58Invisible Poet
inspiration can be found anywhere it seems, let the rain lure your soul outside, blend reality with your dreams, and remember the puddles when the rain has dried