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You touch my hand, and our eyes meet.
Your fingers close around mine.
You touch my face, and I shiver.
The feel of your skin makes me cry.
You brush my tears to comfort me.
I thought it could be forever.
You pull me close, say you love me,
and tell me it's perfect and pure.
You touch my lips, and I touch yours.
This is the way it should be.
You touch my heart, and it breaks.
How could you do this to me?
You touched my life, now a memory.
I thought that we were in love.
Like an arrow pulled from it's quiver,
for you--it wasn't enough.
Posted: 2010-04-30 12:55:49 UTC

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2010-05-30 23:50:39CherryFender
This is amazing, keep writing!