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i just like 2 write not so that people can applaud. i write so express my emotions. i'm 19 years old and i'm from south africa. i'm currently a student of the arts. i use those arts to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. i want to say that yes i am a follow of Jesus but that doesn't make of any less human. i write what i feel on the inside. remember i too feel and been through what other people have been through. so read my poetry and feel heard coz thats what i aim to do, voice what others can't. i love u all!
Poem title Voter rating Comments
its fury 96
scarlet pieces 4
my souls surrender 7.53
ice 73
beat as one! 3
do u think i'm beautiful 77
blah blah blah 3.52
facade/ inner conflict 5.676
my love 919
is this love? 99
all that glitters 83
i owe to love 2