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Hi Everybody!! My name is Rebecca i'm 19 years old and i live in the UK. I have been writing poetry for about 5 years now and i absolutely love it! It's one of my favourite things to do. As you will be able to tell from reading my poems, i am a very emotional person. Most of the poems you will read are about an ex of mine that broke my heart. I was finding it hard to write about anything else, but recently, i have tried to write about different things. The reason why i write mostly, is because i feel better afterwards. I can really pour my heart out in a poem. I think i write good poetry, but you can all be the judge of that. So read on and enjoy!!
Poem title Voter rating Comments
I Love You 83
Loneliness 1
I Gave You Everything 812
I Miss You 83
It's Just Another Day 2
I'll Always Be Here 71
Words 1
The Bullies
A Perfect World 1
Why? 1
You Will Never Know 7.675
However Much I Try
2 Minutes 81
Letting Go
Life 2
Mental Torture
Friends Forever 53
False Promises
I Can't Live Without You 1
Moving On
The Sky 1
Confused 61
Being Used 2
One Day
Heart 2
Love Hurts
I Refuse
Our World 2
Mind Wanders 1
My Life
Love is....
Broken Glass
Sinking Depression 1
Fighter 2
Scars That Won't Heal
Broken But Won't Mend 1
Panic Attack
Got To Be Patient
It's Too Late 1
Outside 1
Wishes 1
Stepping Stones
Let Me Go 1
Crazy 81
I Won't Let You Go 4
Questions 1
Our Love 4
Sat Here 1
Shattered 1
Skies Are Grey
Black Box
Deep Water 1
My Pain 92
Make A Wish
Stronger 91
Sweet Love 1
She Loves Him
If I Said 1
Just A Little Message
Wishing On Stars 2
If Only
Just Dreams 1
Finally Found 1
Better Days