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I just like to write poems. I find it as an alternative to going insane. Thanks for taking the time to read some of them :)
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Message to a Friend 2
Teenage Romance 8.335
Roses are Red 7.54
Little Girl 82
Emos Cry on My Windowsill 1
Ignorance is Bliss 71
Paranoia Gets the Best of Us 1
Sticks and Stones 82
Fear 6.52
Through 1
I Haven't Met You Yet 82
Dear Boy
She's Just that Sad 1
My Damn Life
Words that Rhyme 92
Sleeping on Trains, Riding on Bikes
Sick 1
Cubicle Art 1
Ode to Orange Juice
Becuase Its All I Have Left 3
I'm Returning Your Sweater
Neglected On the Shelf 82
Theres More To Life Than Feeling Bad
Bloody Sonnet
Ted: We All Have One
Love Is ... (a Four Letter Word)
These Shoes Are Worth More Than You
When Glass Breaks 5
The Elephant In The Room 1
Is This A Rhetorical Question? 2
Limerick One: Gnome Love 82
Limerick Two: Rock On 1
Sometimes... 81
Bottled 1
Silver Webs 1
Wish I Knew 1
Forgotten Room, A Spaced Out Feeling 1
A One Year Lip-Sync
The Euphemism of the Day 2
Who Are We Kidding?
Sighs To Every Person Helped
Can You Hear Me Now?
Feel Your Worth
A Month Away
Trance 1