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I am in for the challenge of writing lousy poetry as a means of self expression to relieve myself of all the crap my ex lover dumps on me daily! honest to good knees truth~!
Poem title Voter rating Comments
what eye want 53
a lover may take your hand 75
it is all right 1
i am so tired 2
we can never be 1
what did you really need from me?
impossible to please 2
i will never understand 82
to love means to trust 2
dont speak to me of pain 1
let bygones be bye gone 1
affection is a better word
no more can i say 1
my joy is slight 92
what is a dominnant
secret lover under my skin 3
You Got
what eye remember
most of us 1
beg my par done
what did i do 3
most from you
when you are sweet 3
B!O!P! 2
white tiger love 1
Coffin Building Man
Dreams to Raise
When I Hear
Do you Really
I wanna Kiss 4.56
Mommie Dress-Up 7
oh Master i do 4
learning how to butt fuck 0.6210
cant cum good 6
you like what i got 1
kiss me quick 5
heart's deelight
never asked u 2
no matta what
i miss you lover
why must you make me blue
i hate your guts 2
leave me alone
if you cant write 2
quit hurting me
time for love now sir
i miss you the most
i know my worth honey 2
i am going to build
sweet baby bambino 2
Baby Baby of mine
why must u pick on me? 71
you are the jealous one
you say one thing but do another
does youRR heart glisten 3
you are phoney baloney
alone i sit
yes i wanted to love u
come soon honey
win you express
eye miss you beloved
too dan sweet for you
i need a man who is nice 3
u arouse me so deeplee
i hear butt do knot listen
just a lick 13
way down deep
you may say 1
knot my cup of tea
master magician
wish eye could
my boy is a girl
u arouse me
all hallow's eve 2005
never wanted to love you at all 2
my tears are genuine 52
when you kissed me first
i miss your kindness 51
you turned me into you 1
a plumeria blossom to remember
marriage means nothing to me
out of my dreams 1
my patient enemy 2
since you dont like nothing bout me
hope you are proud 1
my thoughts today
must you know all of me?
i wish i could love you 3
why say you will?
boxed me up
i dont like you any dan more
i am going lessy
u piss me off royal
if you werent such a pest
i wish i could kill you dead 4
never will i come for you
low down rude 1
aint you RR apple pie 2
wood rather B dead than wed 2 U 2
dont want nothing of you 1
i will never love you again
tis true you can hear 1
did you ever 1
soon i will 1
beauty and dreams die
go fuck your wife 23
keep your nose out you brat
u love 2 bugg me 4
when it is quiet 3
i cant stand you at all
can eye trust you honey? 3
why speak at all
girls are better in bed 2
my daddy is nasty 2
kick me down
leave me alone
you will rape me daddy 2
if i am dead soon i will be happy
fear imbeDDed
of the dark
lord of the boardwalk 1
sugar dumpling
my cat
no cummeant from you 1
talking dirty you taought me
u shouldnt touch 2
never needed my daddy 2
dont like my attitude? 2
just want to forget
death is my cushion honey 91
u gotta B everywhere eye swear
what eye dew luv bout u
baby bullet man
you rotten bastard
u wanna retard child? 3
u never loved me at all
how eye really feel
thank you daddy for christ mass 3
you help me 2