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Coffin building man with a knife
Violate and hate maid me youRR wife
Roped and caged and waiting for the Band
Better make it KlonDyke Gold from the great land

Coffin building man so (SS)Extreme
You are CONvinced of good BDSM Team
Sledge hammer man who is so stern
How you do make my pussy Burn!

Coffin bulding man with no remorse
ALl ways laughing about down troDDen horse
Trusting you in the midst of a real fucking WAR
As you Box my head more and more and more

Coffin building man with skin so thick
Because you are a notoriouslee arrogant prick
Property owner of possessions of flesh and bone
While you prance around as King David of the Throne

Coffin buldking man with a mighty wand of Pain
Administering what you assess as your rightfull gain
Master of a million costumes and CONvincing disguises
Dark Lord of Haunting mysteries and sir prizes

Coffin building man with whip and chains
You adore rubbing in all my stains
Trapped in youRR clutches I can knot escape
While you are Magnificent in a Vampire's Cape

COffin building man with blood of inTense lust
You want to nipple clamp my vanilla cherry bust
You do knot care however the Devil's chips may fall
Long as you are Master of the Mardi Gras Ball

Coffin building man with a roll of toilet paper
Eye do believe you have instigated many a caper
You are anticiPAting the time you shall look
Defiling my innocence when I pee yellow brook

Posted: 2005-09-20 01:43:30 UTC

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