all hallow's eve 2005, by waterlily Subscribe to rss feed for waterlily

raining upon all hallow's eve
wearing a broken heart upon my sleeve
i think of little Zack
and his little gurl angel to cover his back

sheets of pounding rain above my library head
seuss cat in the hat with strong white thread
librarian down upon her knees
picturing my dominnant daddy being a tease

raining upon all hallow's eve
waiting for nothing as usual since eve
i think of little zack trying to drink chocolate milk
dreaming of making his angel out of silk

darkness before me in the window
dreaming of david lee and april blue
remembering the teenage dance
love was a pure mystery of romance

spinning and casting my heart spell of love
even on the night of bats i will consider the dove
collecting my magazines at the library for fun
special postcards of china to send everyone

raining upon all hallow's eve
thinking it is unfair i dont like the color yellow
all because of the nasty Sicilian fellow
at heart i really am mellow

sheets of pouring rain above my library head
tired of wishing i was gloriouslee dead
wish i could write kid books as cleaver as that cat
wishing i could give Sicily a S.W.A.T. of my Bat
giving hymn a taste of Tit for Tat! This and THat!
Posted: 2005-11-01 03:13:20 UTC

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