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my lion head ed man
my cat...cleaver as he can

my cat...instincts keen and bright
my cat...mystical inn the art of Knight

my cat..perceptive mind so strong
my cat..2 you Eye dew Blong

mycat..quick and active
my cat..passionate heart reactive

my cat...glorius inn his stride
my cat..pounce you and than RRide

my cat..handsum as(s) the Devil
my cat..mows u down ,makes it level

my cat..bites twice just for once
my cat..nibbles than snarls for crunch

my cat a strange fellow
my cat..makes me fear color yellow

my cat...makes me weak in the knees
my cat...loves 2 put on the Squeeze

my a Notorious tease
my cat...loves 2 hear begging please

my the biggest boss around
my cat..loves 2 pound me inn the ground

my cat...knows love is the test
my cat..loves 2 fuck me best
Posted: 2005-12-15 03:16:34 UTC

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