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once you were my heart's deelight
all you had was magical in sight

my hands longed to touch your wavy hair
your face was what i wanted to trace and stare

your body was pure purrfection
your lion's head caught my attentioon

you were the wild creature man
more than just a hot flash in the pan

you were a wild ass stallion
the man with the eagle's talon

lightning quick action of feet
only you could make my life complete

yet you would betray me first
 make me hunger make me thirst

your future child inside my skin
a beautyfull wife you would win

i had to bee practical for i was ten
it was over before it could even begin

i would do my crying inside your creek
breaking my child's heart so weak

you would find love first as a man
though you would want me if you saw me again

you were my heart's deepest desire
you were my ideal to aspire

only you were man enough for me to love
i would love you tender as a dove

i would love you all the days of my life
even if i never got to be your wife

Posted: 2005-09-24 00:16:02 UTC

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