a plumeria blossom to remember, by waterlily Subscribe to rss feed for waterlily

a plumeria blossom to remember
white with yellow center and a glorious scent
upon the library screen i see the past i once loved
they are delicate to touch under the Lahaina sun

must you bee everywhere i go my Lord?
must you bee everywhere i look as well?
why must my whole world revolver around you?you?you?
thank Goodness you are intelligent my friend
or it would simply B the end

a gardenia blossom to tuck away
my favorite  on top of Pineapple Hill at sunrise
i dont appreciate the phrase "puppy love" either 
why must you all ways insult me every step of the way?

you dont think i should even have a car
you harass me when i macrame at the bar
i wish i could nail five football teams in a row
just to prove i could do it physically but no blow
Posted: 2005-11-05 22:08:19 UTC

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