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Hi :) These are some writings of mine. I also have an older two accounts: StarStarlit and excutterxoxo But here is my new profile, I'm adding my best works here :) I hope you do enjoy them XD
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Wish You Were Dead (Song)
Let You Go (Song) 3
Anymore (Song)
It's Called Closure... (Poem)
Little Mary-Lynn (Poem)
S. Note (Poem)
Violated (Poem)
Hope (Poem)
Not Ready To Fall (Poem) 8
My Overcoat (Poem)
Invisible Scar (Poem)
Hear Me Out Please (Poem)
Someone Like Me (Poem) 3
Gone (Poem)
Mistakes (Poem)
Never Know (Poem)
Please Stay (Poem)
A Broken Mirror (Poem)
Skipping Stones (Poem)
Secret/Heart Keeper (Poem)
Riddle: Guess Who/What (Poem)
Magic Show (Poem)
My Teacher (Poem)
Change Of Fate (Poem)
Simple Smile (Poem)
The Big Question (Poem)
Only A Dream (Poem)
Please Stand By (Poem)
No One (Poem) 2
As The Gun Points To Me (Poem)
The Only Exception (Poem)
Part Of Me (Poem)
Dedicated To The Birthday Girl (Poem)
Happy Father's Day (Poem)
Colonial Girl (Poem)
Your Perfect Girl (Poem)
Anorexia (Poem) 1
Suicidal Bitch (Poem) 92
I Promised You (Poem)
Monarch Butterfly (Poem)
I Hate Colds (Poem)
Stupid (Poem) 9
SunKissed SnowFlakes (Poem)
Poetic Obsession (Poem)
Melted Snowmen (Poem)
Why? (Poem)
Thunder And Lightning (Poem)
New Weather (Poem)
Her Glass Menagerie (Poem)
Self Confidence (Poem) 6
Perfect (Poem)
Don't Be Blind (Poem)
Missing Stones (Poem)
Life Without You [Living Dead Girl] (Poem)
Friend Or Foe? (Poem)
Leaving You Behind (Poem)
Happy Mother's Day (Poem)
First Kiss (Poem) 81
Vanilla Flower (Poem)
His Smile (Poem)
Blue Roses (Poem)
Write Me A Story (Poem) 4.53
Teach Me How To Pull The Trigger (Poem)
What If I Had A Secret? (Poem) 21
My Starlet (Poem)
Music (Poem)
My Heart Keeper (Poem)
Saying Goodbye (Poem)
A Romantic Bloody Ending (Poem)
An Invisible World (Poem)
Homosexuality Rights (Poem) 4
Jail (Poem)
Paranoid (Poem)
My Best Advice (Poem) 9
Catholic School Girl (Poem)
Insanity (Poem)
What A Monster (Poem)
Cutting (Poem) 9
Cutting - Part 2 (Poem) 4
Losing A Friend (Poem)
Depression Denied (Poem)
Dark Haven (Prose)
Blind (Poem) 7
When He Holds Me (Poem) 1
All Because Of You (Poem)
Depression (Poem)
Sweet Sixteen Girl (Poem) 61