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My name is Tyler Cedric Golden. I turn 17 on October 28. I was once in a deep relationship in which I gave this person everything because my love was so powerful and limitless I could never imagine my life without her....but her parents made us split up after a year and two months and I dropped to my knees crying and begging God to save me from this misery...I lost all hope and every time I see her around my heart burns and a knife slides across it leaving another scar of pain by love...we cry our hearts out when we see each other barely able to stand the fact that we are by each other because it hurts to know we can't be together...I have never been so hurt or inflicted by anything or any one and have never done so good in my life until I got with that one person....Now I'm alone again and over 300 poems I have written are about her when we were together and it hurts to see them there...we have written each other poems and I have over 50 pics of us on my phone and over 300 saved txt messages from her...pratically everything in my essence and everything I see has to do with or reminds me of her...my life has been toture as if it is a test to see the suicidal part of me...I will not let it win and take control...but sometimes the pain is too hard to bare......
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Lost Love 4.256
Valentine 3
Christmas Is Here 1
That’s a Rap! 1
Light and Dark Sides to Love 2
Concept of Hell 415
What He Needs 3
Eliminating the Shadows of a Dark Night. ( Old Name: What Shine 1
What I’ve Become 4.54
Truly Found 2
When Love Wasn’t Enough 4.752
Watch Myself 1
An Unknown Wondrous Place 3
Cold, Lonely, and Unknown 3.752
Know Not to Cheat 54
Baby, You Make Me Better 2
Purpose 1
Young Love 2
Light of Elimination
Confusion of Life and Emotion 3
Committed to You 1
Try So Hard, But in Disbelief, Not Hard Enough 1
Hardships of Love 3
Appreciation and Change
Complications of the Old, a Search for the New
My True Feelings Towards You (“I wish… every second…confusi
In Memory of Jodi Wood
The Event, My Choice… 1
In Life, Moving Forward
On Your Own 1
The Other Side 1
Make Sure Love is True
Interesting Confusion of Other Worlds
Run Away 41
Dependent on me you may be, but I am not your Decider…. 41
Through Fighting and Overall Conflict Love Prevails…..!? 1
Our Love will always be True and in Existence
Risen Optimistically in Thought
What Must Be Done!!! 52
In the World Known as Dreams. 1
Make the Best of What You Have. 1
Two is Better than One.
New Year of 09 1
A Lesson Learned: In how to NOT Give Up! 2
Tyler Rap:(Made in less than 5 Mins 1
Pursuing Ones Inspiration
You Can Make It (Dedicated to Kameron Hale)
Even Though You Didn’t (In Memory of Kameron Hale) 2
Sonnet: Love 2
Mixed Haikus 1
Life’s Race 1
Negativity: Life’s Hole
Darkness 1
Once Again (Devoted to Ty Young and friends)
Stay Faithful 1
Self-Control 1
Right Decision 2.5
And Again
What Would You Do? 1
Look 1
What Works Anymore?
A Soldier's Passion 1
Is This the End?
The Earth's Spirit 1
Love’s Essence
A Message to the One I Love 1
Remember 1
Hard Times
What We’ve Done 1
Bad Day 4.753
Life Without You
Love and this World
Riding through the Burning Wind 1
Stopped at the Gates of Hell
The Unknown Cyclone
At Days End 1
What You Really Wanted 1
My Happiness
Banishment from Heavenly Light
Defrosting Time
The Way Heaven and Hell Are
Complete Exhaustion
About Us....(1) 1
About Us....Will You Return?(2)
The Dark Abyss of My Mind.
Our Own Oblivious State of Evil. 3
Hidden Behind My Heart
Crept Up from Underneath.
What’s Next? 1
Expressions in a Mans Way
The End Of the World
Lost Under Sands’ Pressure
The Strength of My Will 1
Toxic 1
How Do I Find an Answer? 1
Death Note 4.54
Stakes 2
Walls Closing In
In the End
Some One Out There 1
Done! 1
For Each Other
As the Darkness Captures Me.
Mixed Emotions
Never Look Back
Patience is a Virtue 1
Just Die. 44
Dark Love 1
Because of You 1
Who You Once Knew. 4.52
Locked Emotions
What You Tried To Hide. 1
True Form
Extreme Annoyance
Trying To Make Optimism Shine. 1
The Power Of Words. 1
For a Friend.
Absolute Fear.
The Presence of Evil.
Lasting Love
Pay Close Attention
Bloody Roses
Your Ignorance
The Way You Treat Me.
The Next Step
Bleeding Out of the Back of My Head.
Lord Please. 1
Concept of Heaven.
Concept of the World.
Not Mans' Home.
Finished With You!!! 3.831
A Lesson Learned: In How To Protect Yourself! 4.52
One Thousand Suns. 2
Lonely Night
The One You Hate.
Searching (1)
Searching.......Found? (2)
From the Heart
The One I desire.
Beneath Soil.
Far Away From Home.
The Dreams Of Nature.
What You Don't Understand. 4
Deep In this Hole.
Always On My Mind.
Extreme Force.
Crawling To the Suface.
Escaping THE Trap. 1
The Power of Freedom.
Final Choice. (1)
Decision Made (2)
Don't Leave.
Fact. 2
Absolute Silence.
One More Line.
Our Time Spent.
In Your Eyes.
I Love You So. 1
One Final Time. 1
Let Me Know. 1
On Edge.
Better Left Unknown 1
Death On Cloud Nine.
Complete and Utter Destruction.
The Chill On Your Neck.
Uncontrollable Rage 1
Unwanted Memories. 1
Met Long Before.
High Class.
Too Bad.
My Commitment
What Really Matters. (1)
We Matter.....(2)
Your Fate Awaits.
My Sins' End.
Final Words.
Dealing With Feelings.
Follower to Leader.
A Fire Ending.
Sleeping Hours.
No One Cares.
Decieved. 1
Don't Hide.
Stay Back. 1
Souls. 1
What You Thought You Knew. 1
Famous After Death.
Frightened And Confused.
Taste Budds. 1
In the Darkness.
Gone and Lost, Deep Within.
Your Mistake, My Problem.
Burning Skin. 4.54
How You Changed Me.
Getting Out.
Both Sides-Life's Description.
What We Didn't Expect. 41
For Help.
Stricken. 1
Ever Again.
UnComprehensible 2
Can't Stand It.
Mark Across Her Face.
Put Aside
Left Wondering
Perfect Greed.
Denying the Untold Truth
Your Shame 1
Bloody Rainfall 2
Perfect Love.
Perfect Death. 1
Leaving Me Behind
Pain in My Heart
Repaired 1
The One I Have Chosen. 2
A Story Never Ended. 1.672
Just You and I? 2
Swift Understanding 1
Major Underestimation
True Internal Pain
Path of Pain 3
Road I Walk Alone 2
Reality. 1
Not Enough
Rot. 1
Reading Your Eyes. 1
Your is Red, Mine is Black. 3
My Enlgish Teacher.
My Science Teacher.
My Math Teacher. 1
My Art Teacher.
My EAST Lab Teacher.
My Study Hall Teacher.
My History Teacher.
Dispersed 2
Student over Teacher.
Always There For You. 4.51
No Reason. 1
Status, Optimistic?
What I Speak 4.52
Waiting for Death to Come 2
Life of the Unwanted 2
Left in these Streets
Too Real
Long Forgotten
Black Coffin 4
Transformation of a Lost Cause
Within the Core of the Unforgiving
Color In Your Face 1
Progressing Through 2
You First 3
Here With Me 2
Caution 2
Pain By Your Love. 2
Our One Year 1
There IT Goes….. 1
Advice: Take it Or Leave it 2
View of My Face. 1
Lies, Lies, Lies…..
So Many Problems…….
Stress 2
Slow Movement 2
Not the Answer 2.57
Hypocrite 3.5
Back to Normal
Meant to Be 3
Stalling 1
Alterations of Weather
Life 2
Listen to Your Heart 1
Concealed Emotions 45
Resistant Love 1
To Put it Simply. 4.672
Final Summoning
True By Heart; Liar By Choice 1
Unknown Words 1
Volcanic Flow. 31
Underwater Ocean 2
Endless Problems
An Altered Story 1
An Extinguished Flame.... 3
Struggle through the Night and Day. 3.331
The End?... 1
Not as Good as Bad. 1
Not Meant To Be. 31
Upcoming End. 42
Never Give Up. 3.52
Long Time, No Shine. 2
Let Down..... 1
Another Way.... 3
Start Again
Ray of Hope. 1
Flow. 0.51
Silence. 47