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I'm Mikayla Murphy. I'm 23 years old and in college. I've been writing poems for most of my life, but I just really got into writing poetry as a High School Freshman. I hope you enjoy my poems and give me feedback if you read them.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Why? 91
What is Love? 94
It's You 94
Don't Change 93
My Child 81
Falling In Love 2
I Couldn't See 72
My Angel 92
Silent Tears (song) 41
Could You Be (song)
A Little Light 2
Colorado Mountaintops 2
Memories On The Wind (song) 1
The Most Beautiful Thing 1
Catriona's Lullaby (song) 1
My Nightmare 1
A Rainbow of Love (song)
Winter Chill 1
Perfection's Hidden Price (song)
Show Me (song) 1
That Day 1
My Only Mistake (song) 1
For Someone Special
Just One
If Only 1
For You 1
I See God 92
My Love,
Fire (song)
My Wish (song) 1
Then I'm Back (song)
Tears of the Heart (song)
Addicted 1
Crying A River (song)
Our Dance 7
That Something
I Cry (song)
My Desire 1
JezeBel of O-MO
A New Beginning (song)
Blue Bird (song)
God Song (song)
I'm Sorry (song) 1
January Thaw
Fire and Ice (song)
My Journey to Love
Sweets Shoppe (song)
Thank You Lord
Find Me Lord (song)
Ghost of You (song)
Still (song)
The Last Time (song) 1
Hold On (song)
In A Second
you're Just Gone 1
You Have Got Me (song)
Burning Heart (song)
Time Machine (song) 91
Heaven is Crying 1
A Dream? (song)
Down the Corridor of Time (song)
You Are 1
Save Me (song) 1
My Heart Wants (song)
Tears and A Broken Heart (song)
Prevention (song)
Roller Coaster Ride (song)
Stronger (song)
Forget-Me-Nots (song) 9
Head Over Heels (song)
That's Why I Love You (song)
Breaking Free (song)
I Miss (song)
Winter Came Early (song)
Cheater (song)
I Must Be Quiet (song)
The Past Reawakened
Wicked Fantasy 2
Snake (song)
He Knew (song)
Instinct (song) 81
Tell Me
Dark Heart (song)
Useless Heart
Country Summer 1
Never Will I Ever (song)
Secret of My Heart
You Don't Know Me