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I'm a poet with a muse that doesn't even know the impact of his existence. In my poetry, I am rather sexual, but I am never that way unless I am in love. In my opinion, love > lust. . . No matter what. Other than a poet, I am a classical musician. I love to write. It is my hope to share everything I have to say with the world. Thanks for your time and feedback.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Random Fuck 0.2811
Love Leads To Drugs ? 7.56
Let's Fuck (song lyrics) 6
I'm Such A Good Liar
Goodbye Pain, Hello Love 75
After Sadie Hawkins 2006
The Walk (a short story) 1
Take Chances, Love Happens (a short story) 1
A First Love Dies Hard
My Worst Day 7
Ever Heard Of Growing Up? 89
Longing to Make Love to You 94
Your Version of Love (song lyrics) 91
A Worthy Death(s) 92
The Keys to Our Hearts 1
Hard to Say... 1
Euphoria 2
I'm Still in the Contour 81
She Hates Herself Because
For the Days I Find Myself Upset 81
Rise to the Climax
My Love
I'm not fooling anybody. 2
The End of August
What Does It Mean?
It's Over, Lover 7
I hope you remember.
New Years Eve 2008
Yet? 3
Waiting 71
Coronas Alone at 3 a.m. 91
Fucked Girl 2
On Your Way Down
If you mean this, I'll love you
From King Salmon, Alaska
The Difference
Flying to Pullman, WA
Stand Still 7
Good Feeling 92
This? This is What I Feel Toward Speed.
I bet this is what hooking up feels like. 1
The One That Got Away
Mocktober Life
55 Days
I will even protect The Moon 9
Angelina Smile
Midnight Sun
for myself