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Poem titleVoter ratingComments
Can't Wait to Tell You 8.336
My Lucid Dreams96
That Cold Feeling62
Fading Picture6.56
Chelsea This One's For You 5
Let It Out84
An Angel 3
my love's the ocean, your heart's the moon813
Keep Holding On6.7510
You Are My Solace 3
A Simple Blade of Grass611
Oh Come On, Make Your Decision 3
What a Beautiful Dream 7
Does it Ever End?8.3310
They're Just Tellin You Lies 3
I Love You 4
One Thing You Should Know 4
Years 3
A New Start97
It's Over 3
You Are 2
I Think93
But I Still Love You83
Fighting Fire With Paper 4
What a Game 3
No Other911
Wait For Me 5
Give Up on Me93
Let My Burden Be 7
You Won't Remember 2
Untitled 4
Come On Home94
How Much Longer
What Now 1
They never matter 1
Wasted Time82
They'll Never Know 1
A Dance With Irony 1