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Please don't judge me by what you find here. You can attempt to comprehend my thoughts and feelings if you feel the need, but there have only been two people who use to understand me, God and a very special boy. The words you find from beyond this point may anger, bother, confuse, mock, insult, worry or kill you. They have had the above mentioned effects on me, including the last one. Remember there is more than physical death. so read on and examine me, don't judge, just simply accept what you find, whether you are amazed or disgusted by it.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
One Good Reason 77
Icy Immortality 92
You Don't Even Know My Name 1
Not You 71
Private Place 1
Being Plastic 2
She Stood On The Stage 84
Summer Love
Lay Me Down 91
Heaven And Hell 1
Is That Really Me? 85
Incomplete 2
Deadly Sin 91
Bullied 91
Dancing Figures 1
Modern Day Prince
Did I ????
Him! 94
He's There!!!!
I'm Gonna 3
A Shadow In The Darkness
Do You Think I'm Crazy? 1
Cancer 92
Ghost Of A Preacher
In The Mirror
I See A Child
What About The Children
Spilt Vodka 62
Silent Child 1
Truth 3
Teenage Suicide 71
Without You
Will I 1.53
Puppet 1
"I Love You" 91
Maybe One Day
Wanna Die 92
Just Understand 1
Cries Unheard 72
I'm A Shadow Of My Former Self 84
I Lost A Friend 1
I Need To Cut 4
Can't Hold On But I Can't Let Go 72
If God Could hear This! 3
It's Not About Me & It's Not About You 8
Deadly 83
Bitter Goodbyes 81
I Do Love You 81
When You Love Someone 1
A Friend 1
I'll Catch You If You Fall 91
The End Of A Year
Sit In Silence 7
Goodbye 3
Teenage Suicide 1
Tear My Heart Open 2
Why You Hid? 82
Little Prisoner 7.5
Maybe If I .... 3
A Picture With A Twist 93
Fall Off The Edge
All Those Times
Ana 92
Bisexual/Lesbian Poem 82
Cold As Stone 1
Cut To My Heart 2
Hidden Face
Look At My Arm 2
Make my Life A Misery 3
My Own Blood 4
They Never Know Me 1
Dirty And Worn 2
My Friend Is Suicidal 2
My Scars 8.53