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Hi, I'm Tiff, I've been writing since I was about 9, and had my first poem published when I was 10. Since then I've been taking the time to further my technique. I'm open to comments, and also complaints about my poems, every little bit helps. Suggestions or anything else are more then welcome. Thank You
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Death Wish 85
Giving Love Away 2
Greatest Fear 2
I'm Sorry 3
Undone Wishes 2
Lovely Despair 1
Suicide 8.677
Good-bye Fears 1
Depressive Despair 2
Good-Bye to The Missery of You 8
Tears of Blood 3
Dying For Love 91
I Don't Think
Cold Nights 3
Going Away
if there was a god 4
Tears of Death 1
Unyeilding Remorse
This Pain 91
Bathing in Blood 82
Bloody Fears
Bloody Tomorrow
Suicide part2 4
What I Am
Undone Love
Let Myself Go
No More
Why I'm Drifting
The Dark 4
See what hiding does 6
Do You Know How it Feels 2
the one that left 1
If I Had a Penny 3
Complete Deception
First Day Butterflies 2
Don't Disappear 2
Your Love 1
The End 91
Lessons in Love
Blood That Spells 2
Pain, My Definition 91
Cut Me 1
Dead Games 81
Help Me
If Only She Would
My Biggest Mistake 3
Why Can't You Trust Me
I'm So Sorry
Suicide prt. 3 2
Breaking Me Again 1
A Tear into The Ocean
Suicide pt 4 92
Suicide pt 5 91
Suicide pt. 7 1
Suicide pt. 8 1
Suicide pt.6 2
Falling like the snow 91
Please Don't Lie 1
Heartbreak 1
A poem to my squishie 82
A better man
Lovin It
My Nightmare
Unmeant Sorrows
Liars don't get second chances 82
Tears fall so far so hard
I hate you 92
Smorez (a poem for my late cat) 84
Suicide: Anniversary 82
Best Friends Break Your Heart.... 2
victim of suicide (song) 2
dont play with my head
suicide pt. 9 1
with all my heart
suicide pt. 10 1
My Greatest Mistake 61
rape story 43
a better solution to suicide 1
depression of the heart
suicide pt. 11 2
when all else fails
suicide pt12 1
the things you never told (song) 9
set me free 1
unspoken 2
suffocating lovingly 1
its only a broken soul 1
this girl im looking at 1
911 my heart was stolen 1
stupid for believing 82
Suicide pt. 13 1
suicide pt. 14 1
the reason
unbroken heart
the real me
creatures in the dark
this broken heart speaks
the devil's angel face (song)
suicide pt. 15 81
suicide pt. 16 91
Dear God 2
matching my dreams
happy valentines my love
dont forget my love
death doesn't end so sweetly
breaking down
warning in my memoirs
lost in lonely seas 1
quiet love 2
cursing love 1
take me with you to the end of the world
shadows in the mist
suicide: the conclusion 81
loves despair 1
contempt of soul and heart
Twined and Twined Around You
Alone and Awake 81
Misanthropic Remourse 2
what they seem 4