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From this little paragraph you will never know me. until you actually see me, hear me, and talk to me in person you will not know who i am. even if you do know me in person, you may still now know who i am. My Name Is Abbey. But i have gone by the name Kit for so long, i'm surprised i havnt forgotten my actual name. i'm 13 years old. i may seem young but dont judge me by a number. I suppose i should say what i do like and what i don't. I Love my little OCD's I'm very OCD. there very weird ones. i like my food separated. Pencils always sharp. pens always black. shut the door twice. there are many more. but i think i may bore you. little things make me happy. Like skipping rope and the atmosphere after its just rained. the skyline and summer nights. simple things that everyone loves. roller coasters, fireworks and fancy dress excite me. routine and lies make me sad i could say many more. but some people probably didnt even get past my name.
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