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my lost soul
my lost soul pt. 2
her puppet
the last request
lonely hell
air in my open arms
moonlight kiss
gone and alone
the begger
this lonely tear
living without you
where do i stand
valentines day
my rotting brain
sweet goodbye
horizon road
liquid heart
I'm nothing
the power of your lips
never again
the cutter
shadows pt. 2
the disease is knowing
the nightmare of nightmares
these lifeless eyes 1
I'll only take this bullet for you 1
suicide 1
is it better if I'm gone 8
somewhere down the road
red river
the fight or the break
what happened
become what you are
night of the bloody moon
first note
looking back
second note
if only
being held back 9
i don't give a shit anymore
if you fall
the thought runs dry
power in your arms
fallin through the darkness
after math
painted in the clouds
is two years for forever 1
finding sanity
a shout out from my heart 4.5
the blood stained shirt 1
a few beats until i'm gone
all alone
side by side forever
the open space
three days isn't enough
memories that kill
when, what, will, and who
after so long
late one night
a shard of glass
I may never know
headed for the big fall
does it
sometimes I wish l was blind
something me both can't have
fall in 1
what happens
i think i'll leave 81