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sometimes i never able to forget my past childish feelings 
(powerpuff girls) that show really teaches me how to manage
with ur sisters though now i have been grown enough and also
very rude in my behaviour but still i miss power puff girls
"I was buttercup"(SIGH)

I was a baby
You came in my life
My life was a shabby 
Like a muddy tile
Then what I heard about a noise
Swish swash swish
And then I heard a florescent voice
Like an unpredictable wish
It was you dear bubbles 
The sweet cute and charming
Your voice had a mischief giggle
With so much affection like a winter’s warming*
Then again I heard swish swash boom
The fighter had came along
But inside there was a bloom
Of love and cruelty as a song
I know it was you buttercup 
I never forget the chorus emotions 
You didn’t like anyone who interrupt 
along with some evil commotions
then again I heard a leaders voice
saying’ “go get them  girls”
I just didn’t want any further choice
Just Only them as my hair curls..

Today I’m grown enough
(I just want my heart combine )
and I am walking on a way so tough
(and now I can’t see the heart signal shine)
I know you are in my heart 
And always will be there
but its an un willing start
and your support is nowhere

now let me cry in the dark 
I know it’s a childish thing
I am betrayed by that heart sparks
Which were my “kiddo” wings

I wish you would never go
I wish you would stay with “a keen”
I wish that eternal snow
Vanishes when that heart
Come back to see me 

Posted: 2017-10-30 16:17:12 UTC

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2009-06-26 03:36:43Your Everlasting
This is really good.I miss the powerpuff girls too.I was Bubbles!

2009-06-26 12:54:31dispersed_sky
thanks 4 commenting "everlasting"

2010-01-13 22:35:36Simply-Me-20104
You have such beautiful wording! Your imagery is absolutely amazing =] It's so easy to picture what you are talking about in your poetry! Way to go and keep writing!