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this girl communicates via her words as have an adherence towards wriiting and sharing emotions :). believes in SEREnDIPITY AND OTHER MIRACLES :D
Poem title Voter rating Comments
I Miss you…..dedicated to my teacher 4.53
An apology to god 75
Whenever I find myself crying – for a worst best friend.. 1
Hidden support...
The backstabber
My fairy tale
ThE SuNsEt RaIn.......... 82
Life is a blossom..
The Sunset Dance 1
The Unsinkable Hell
Give me a reason why should I live
A Wish from The Genie
Difficult to be me… 1
its not a poem...Beyond our Expectations
being so right 1
“I don’t care” 1
The vacant heart 1
I need to talk 2
The unkind
for 2
I miss you power puff girls 3
the lustrous sparks of fire""" 1
why pretending!!! 7.52
The Reality... 1
Life********** _a trembling stream?**************** 1
I’m a samosa… 1
closing stages.......... 1
falling in love..!!
Nervousness.. 2
Being patronized towards the silence 1
the departure
Depart me!
A Friend-UNKNOWN 1
Me For Me