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My real name is Karlee Boothe. I am now twenty one years old. My mother taught me how to write.I hope you enjoy the poems I've selected to put on this site! Also anybody who wants to can e-mail me at: [email protected] Thanks for the comments :)
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Death 3
Cuts 7
Colours 4
I might be... 1
My own meth 4
My life 2
Daddy 3
She 5
Tears 39
Life ='s Ordinary things 93
For Sarah 3
Alone 2
Roses 92
My Loss 2
Suicide 4
Scars that don't bleed 3
Untitled (not a poem just thoghts) 4
Goodbye 1
Angel 1
Stay by my side
Botteled emotions 94
Freedom 2
Fallen Angel 1
Random person's life 1
Hurt Heart 1
Forever without you 72
... 1
No sun 5
Your love is like nature
You don't care 1
No Name 2
Wierd 1
Very truly in love 1
You leave tomorrow 52
Love 2
I am a bitch 2
Sadness 1
Tears for all seasons 2
Together forever 92
Hate 1
Dead in the wood 2
My outlook on L.I.F.E and D.E.A.T.H 91
Who is this beautiful girl in my mirror? 3
Tears tented red
Creepy 1
Inspiration 1
J.A.K.E 2
Blood splatters and teardrops 3
I don't know who I am anymore!! 2
I love you 1
All guys are jerks 1
Drift away
You're not worth a life to her,but to me you're worth more 1
A new me and you 91
I cry out,but you don't hear me (For my Mother) 94
A pill 2
Something beautiful 91
Trying to find my place in world 2
I will be waiting 3
Lukemia 2
He loves me, He loves me not 1
I Hope Your Sorry 1
Double Edged Sword 1
My True Love Forever and Always 1
To Kiss A Scar 92
My New Found Drug
Trust 1
You Dont Relize
Baby Girl (my beautiful niece)
Those Eyes
A Girl's Love and Broken Heart 2
Baby Girl (it's not really a poem, but it expresses my feelings) 2
Different Worlds 2
I've Found Someone New 1
If You Were Me 1
Just the things you do