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I am a very simple soul who loves writing. Your comment is greatly appreciated! You can reache me by [email protected]
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Fish story 2
The Old Man and his granddaughter 3
My Dream Catcher 1
I am just a girl 9
Only Three Words!! 3
Love funeral 2
blue 1
I don't know 1
Analyzing myself 1
I am allright 7
Spring Break 6
Me and my mood 5
Quarter Plastic 1
The Old Wound 7
A piece of poem 3
It's NOT me... 1
Dandelions 7
By the Lake 5
Don't!! 4
Just music and coffee!!!! 4
Bye Bye 2
when u miss ur friends 2
You’re like my favorite Coffee: 1
Sporadic Firework 1