Paralised, by Faith Subscribe to rss feed for Faith

The artistry of the moment
is tangled 
in the fading tatters
of her breath.

She inhales 
the emptiness,
trying to fill up 
her delicate confusion
with something real,
but a storm is brewing
and her hands 
are slashed open

She was abandoned,
left to lick her wounds,
left to heal the place
where her heart 
used to beat.

Now she stands alone
as the rain falls, 
mingling with the blood
of old scars,
until all her pain has been
washed away.

And she can breathe deep
the free air

No second thoughts.

No backwards glances.

Posted: 2009-10-09 07:26:45 UTC

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2005-11-21 17:05:36Faith
--In order to fully understand this poem you have to read "Paralysis". This poem is in the aftermath of it, sort of parallel to it, but they can both stand on their own as seperate poems and seperate thoughts.--

2005-11-28 05:50:37bedazzled
Very powerful and expressive. Great descriptions and strong language, I announce myself inspired!

2005-11-29 22:52:35 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
Thank you for your coments on my poems . You have a very touching and special way of reaching the center with your poetry. very good work!

2006-01-15 19:12:23love nothing >>--
Thank you for your comment && I love thys poem..its creative && inspiring..x33

2006-02-22 19:33:27lost the lonely dead
its good, sad and all but i like the line about licking her wounds and the place her heart used to be

2006-09-28 02:45:33FrostedCold
paints a vivid picture

2007-11-14 17:30:27~*~VanessaBrownrigg~*~
wow this poem is touching

2008-12-02 03:19:18 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
all positive and foreward! what a great poem!I just wanted to say hello and thank you for commenting on one of my poems back in October 2008. Thank you Faith! I still love your name:) love ya Glo