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I am a 26-year-old living in Canada who writes a vast number of poems and appreciates every comment. I do not really have one set format i like to follow, so i end up experimenting with rhyme scheme, flow, emotion, imagery, form, and iambic penametre quite a bit. The poems in red are my latest additions, the ones in blue involve varying themes on water.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
La NiƱa 95
Paralysis 97
Paralised 98
The Ethereal Art of Drowning 96
Wandering prayer 920
Utterence (haiku) 4
Chemical Love Fixation 77
Asphyxiation 95
Tripped by the Light Fantastic 95
Learning to Breathe Underwater 93
Enigma (riddle poem) 95
Something like a Metaphor 96
Solace 8.58
Serene 7.54
This Moment 95
Flood 2
Doldrums 1
Metamorphosis 1
Flightless 2
Memento 83