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Poem title Voter rating Comments
Slipping Behind (used to be underneath) 4
Truthful as Lies 4
Pale blue eyes fading blackness (check it out) 77
Winter's End (co-written) 2
Writting by Candledark (revised) 5
Dead but not ready to die, its just an average day 2
The world is full of love and peace 10
Im sure everything is just fine 4
sad angry stare 4
bye (revised) 2
Passionate Serenity ("better") 72
fateful loss of hope 6
Open Doors that Lie 2
Reaching out by reaching in 2
Hello (part two of bye) 2
bittersweet calm 4
Confessing a hiden heart 2
Calm midst the storm 4
Our Fate in Death (co-edit) 2
(untitled) 4
Misconstrued 2
making peace 4
Embrace 2
How to start a fire 6
something i wrote when bored 8.54
I'll miss you 85
Imperfection 6
if only.... 2
Embrace; My way out 94
There is a pain... 6
Passionately Apathetic (redone) 4
Run to our Deaths 96
Media (ramblings about stuff) 4
throat of fire 97
Hope 2
Stary Night 94
The Question 2
her 5
asleep 2
That Dying Light 4
Some haiku we had to write for class 14
Desperate for cold night air 4
Cold Friday Night 82
The Game (sort of a scene) 2
Focus on that Fading image 2
....and we drive......to where? ....i forgot....oh well........ 2
Cutting out my Regrets in Blood 6
The letters I meant to write but never did 4
cant climb down alone 4
wishing 2
a thing called love (not really a poem) 4
okimas!!!! 2
i just wont say goodbye.... 98
So...what is, it like? 4
sheltered 4
inking fast as bleeding 6
the end of a frail rope 2
murmors of anxiety 2
bitterness gnaws on my consciousness 2
As the Dust Clears, I See No Sign Painted Red 2
burden unknown 2
Identity: Redefined for Society’s Demise 4
Sometimes 1
confused as to why... 2
Dreaming for what you cannot have 32
as the leaves fall... 92
unfinished 2
a new day.... 3
Abandoned Undead 5
Riot Rant
burn the pictures
The Broken Jar
No Rest for the Weary
The Curse of an Addict