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I made this account when I was like 12, and I'm 16 now. I haven't updated it since I was 14, so obviously I haven't written in a while. I went through a pathetic, depressing stage. Some of these were about me, some of them weren't. You can guess which.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Beautiful Boy; You Broke Her. 1
Michael Crump 9
Unravel My Secrets 1
Everything for Nothing 1
Selfish Lies
Aimlessly, Painlessly. 92
In My Dreams 1
Way Too Many Times.
Look at what I'm worth. 85
Found only in good-bye...[He smokes pot, she slits her wrists..] 94
I am. 2
Now I lay me down to sleep. 2
You only got colder. 81
We'll take this to our grave. 93
Timeless. 91
Emerald eyes; unraveling. 94
Heart Aches & Hand Grenades
Lost. [pitifully stupid.]
The same