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"sometimes the notion of death is the most comforting because it's the only escape you can fathom." hellloo, and welcome to all. my name is michelle. if your reading this you're either about to read some of my work or already have.. that's awesome.. i like hearing what people have to say. good or bad.. so you obviously want to know a little bit more about me. well we'll start off with the basics. i'm 16 (almost 17) years old. i'm a december baby, december 29th to be exact. sucks eh? i'm 5'2", pale and 105 lbs give or take. i have long black hair and purple eyes.. i smoke, but i'm toying with the idea of quitting, and i drink VERY rarely. i got a little crazy with drugs for a while.. but i've taken control of that now. i'm a mostly happy person (now), i can get pretty emotional.. i get hurt very easily.. you know, sensitive to the little things and not too much the big things it seems.. and i'm definitely very in love. i really enjoy this site. and i've found some pretty amazing writers on here and really respect a couple in particular. it would be really wicked if anyone could comment on any of the first 11 poems.. those are the ones i originally put up a long time ago hoping for some comments. they're really close to me.. that would mean so much. anyways, i hope you can take something away with you from my poetry.. or else.. what's the point?
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Insensitive. 84
An Old "Friend".. 3
This Darkened City Street, 1
Messy Subjects (Part One). 1
Messy Subjects (Part Two). 1
Messy Subjects (Part Three). 2
Killing Ourselves. 92
The Race.
This Is Our Destiny. 95
Insecurity (rips a hole in my heart..) 1
The "New Girl" (Part I).
The "New Girl" (Part II).
The "New Girl" (Part III).
People Change.
Looks Can Be Deceiving. 8.55
Heart Stains and Bruises. 1
Opening Up My Eyes.
Not The Only One.
Tears Of Regret. 2
Hidden Meanings.
Genuinely Fake. 1
White Lace.
My Attraction.
Anger Rush.
Static Negativity. 1
Take Over.
Drug Induced.
Recent Fuck Ups. 1
Angry and Afraid.
Behind Closed Doors. 1
Not Good Enough (Dedication).
At the Time.
Pull the Plug.
Chipping Nailpolish.
Judgement Day. 92
Hated. 91
Vampiric Bloodlust.
Bullshit (Dedication).
Without a Doubt.
Second Thoughts.
I Wish I Was Still Enough. 7
The Breaking Point.
Dead End. 7
Second Hand Sex. 1
Infected Again.
Sari's Poem.
Just Drive On By.
Untalented and Famous.
Nothing To Gain. 5
Not Yet.
Not By Choice.
Depressing. 4
Whore Machine.
Slut Squad. 7
Someone Like You.
Fear of the Consequence.
Dead Heart Candle.
Internal Disaster.
A Broken Heart's In Style.
Surgically Removed. 81
Trying Too Hard.
Taking Back Thursday.
Pure Hatred.
In Need of Rescue.
Quickly Bleeding.
Head in the Clouds.
All the Pretty Flowers.
Fantasy Neverending.
Purple Haze.
Fake Halo.
Little Black Box. 92
Can You Justify It.
Peanut Butter Shampoo.
A Shit Poem.
Purity and Perfection.
I'm So Sorry.
Thinking of Someone. 1
Mom. 5
I Bleed For You. 82
Irresistible Whore.
Filling the Gap.
What They Want.
Not Right.
Release Me.
Inside of Me (First Poem Ever). 61
Lesson Learned.
The Drug Seduction. 1
Help Me..
Bad Day.
The Drugs Take Us Hostage.
Boredom Pokes The Eyes. 9
What I Know. 9
Unwanted Change.
Fractured; Captured; Vision Blurred. 1
Utterly Torn. 81