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Hello! I am really enjoying sharing my poetry with everyone as I am enjoying everyones poetry as well. I am still fairly new and if anyone has any advice I would be grateful. I have been writing ever since I can remember as I really do love to write and I have so much to share. I am the baby the five, a Mother of two, a left hander who do love to write, read and sing!!! My favorite say: People may not remember what you say, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Questions:??? Feel free to ask ~smile~
Poem title Voter rating Comments
If you want 2
Afraid To
Plans For The Future
Three Words 1
One Regret
Last To Know
Alone Am I 2
Tell Not A Soul
Two Hearts
Life In The Fast Lane
You Are
Measure Of Hope 71
Monday, Monday
He Came Into This World
He Knows 2
Cloudy Day In May
Autumn Falls
Write A Poem Every Day
Joyful Noise
Just Like Any Other Day
Across The Yard
To Understand
Football Season, Again
Saturday Football
To Say 2
The Problem Is
With In
My Love
Who Are You
New Day
Welcome To...
Speak Easy
Sleep No More
Once In A While
You Don't
Your Kiss 7
One Tear
How Could You... 2
Never Knew, Till Now
A Jekel and Hide
September Is
Still The Same Today 2
His Son
Computer Problems
My Computer
Reaching Out
A Chance
It's In My Heart
Blue Vs. Grey
So Devine
Grace From Above
Your Life
Key To Ones Heart
He Is
Against My Heart
Ramblings Of A Heart
The Nature Of Him
Falling From Heaven
Ever Wonder...
His Love 2
For All To See
Morning Star
Are We Smart
Jesus 92
The Best
An acrostic poem of my user name: jeanimoo
Criss Cross
Underneath It All
Lucky Ones
You Are The One
Turned Myself 2
In So Many Ways
Still Of The Night
To Tell You
I'm Sorry
Sunshine Days
A Thin Line
Summer: an acrostic poem
Cast Of Hope
Here's a thought on: Writer's Block
Think Of You 2
Life Is
Why So Long
Lonely Mind
Afraid To.... 1
Let It Out
At Last
Joy Sweet Joy
Wolves: an acrostic poem 3
Football: an acrostic poem 4.5
Autumn Soars
Like Noone Before Or After
Still Belong
You'll Never Know
Thanksgiving Wishes
Right Or Wrong
Mission Complete
Why Not Me