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I just write poetry, some light some dark, i walk the line.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
The Dark Truth
Safe and Alone
Behind My Back 2
My Demons
Little Girl
Crystal Cavern 1
The Universe 1
I can't make up my mind 8
The Era (Short Poem) 51
The Rainbow (One verse poem)
That Star
My Desperation for Dreams
Get them out! 1
Dreaming of Sleep Walking
My Sacrifice (A mix between a poem and song)
Come Over 9
Eyes Opened Wide
A dime can go a long way
Feelings not my own
My Tears are Rain 71
Loneliness and It's Cure....maybe...
Alternate Me
Doomed to the Unknown 1
Friendship for Me 2
My Old Friend 1
Shadows 1
Tribute to Ronan