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Poem title Voter rating Comments
RRough House
Press the zero
sparks Xcite 2
2 erase
slap me around mister
eye hate men
jump ring joy
wood rather b dead
Master of Dissasstir
shamrock gurl
wish i could 1
looking a cross water 1
ivory white blossoms 1
naked man in black leather chaps 1
a woman's tongue
hand on gun
happy father's day
way back when
love is plain hog wash
why me my lord?
the cruelest part is
my first fish
my loveRR,Rough rider
cougar mountain stumbles
women all ways get
Press the (O)
CollaRed slave's Lament 1
nothing butt 81
no turning back
father of genuis spit
Resistance is SubsisTence
Sicilian Iron Man
Clobber U
so dan mad
Poem Sub Mitted!!!
what i want 1
CC's pups
i miss your chest 0.5
japanese red maple tree
nippples aroused bi u
work that splice 1
fresh coffee 2 drink
main man mob hit
wear N tear
leaving u beehind