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Poem title Voter rating Comments
We Were Best Friends 8.673
Missing Him
You Don't Need Her
God Gave Us
Will I Ever
VS 1
Where Do I Go
Dear Friend 1
Death Of A Husband
Silly Breakup 1
Giving Up
Give It All
Yet I Fall
Raped Of Innocence 91
Hero Of My Heart 9
The Man I Cannot See
More Or Less
My Funeral
One Drink
Diary Of A Drunk Driver
Beautiful Storm 1
I'll Get You 1
Missing Out 8
I'm Sorry
Black And White 1
Fit In
No Matter What
My Last GoodBye 1
You Should Know
Cold Shoulder
She Is Mine 1
Fishing With Daddy
In The Closet Down The Hall
Laugh Again
I Should Be Leaving
There Isn't A Day
Keep Us Going
Won't Be The Same
For Me For You 1
Take Me To The Place 1
Close Your Eyes
Paint A Memory
Only For You 1
When He Was Here
My Flaws 1
Dear Daddy 91
Deafening Love
Finish For Me
You Hurt Me Anyways
Written On The Mirror
What You've Got
All The Colors
Next To My Heart 1
I'm Better Now
If I Could Be
The One
I Knew
I Dreamt Of 1
What Matters Most
Where You'll Find Me
Things Change
The Hand Of Another
Things Only You Know
Even When
Under The Willow Tree 1
If I Tried To Fly
Not What It Seems
If I Had My Heart To Give
Wish You Were Him
Cloud Ten
What Can I Do
Dear Charlie 4.51
If I Could Hold You
I See It Fitting
I Know This
Lust Is My Love`
Empty Eyes
My Friend
Get Out Of Here
I Believe
I Wouldn't Know
I Found The Place Where I Belong 1
The Man Who Loves Me
A Time And Place
I Know Where We Can Go
I Will Not Fall
Would You Be My Home
Someday & Dare I
You Always
Beginning 1
One Last Time
For Me
Die With A Stranger
Never Worry
Memories & Do You 1
Why Would I
On The Outside & Pain
Still There 2
You Are & Born To Die 1
Show You Love & Wonder
Hang Up & Wounds
Why Can't You Be Mine
Without You
Just Me 1
Life Without You
Grandpas Farm
Caught Between 1
Growing Wild
Down Our Dirt Road 7
Bittersweet 5
My Biggest Fear
First Love
Get To Know The Poetry (NOT A POEM!!!) 53
Waiting 1
Obviously 3
A Day In The Life Of A Mole 1
One Minute Summed Up
A Nauseous Nocturne
I'm Proud To Be...
Changes Happen
Bittersweet Endings