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Welcome to my first collection of poems displayed online. I hope you enjoy them, and appreciate all of your comments. Darren
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Love Forever Lost 3
Faces In The Dark
A Statue of Cromwell
Old Brown
Summers Past 9
Son 4.51
For Queen and Country 9
A Memory of My Father & I 91
Fergie Time
Lord of the Manor
Oh Liberty!
Mancunian Skies
The Letter
The Morning After 1
For Charlie 9
Musings on the M6
Wicker Chair
Loose Wires 1
Fuzzed Up
A Place Unfound
Puddy Tat
Goldfish Flipped
The Veil (Extended poem)
Sweet Eighty-Nine
Poor Old Mr C.
A Father's Heart 92
The Rhyme Rhyme
No.9 7
The Girl Who Thought She'd Got Lost 1
WAG's Song