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Poem title Voter rating Comments
Blood of tears 2
Broken heart 1
Sunrise 72
Tears 2
weight of the world 2
A smile 1
a window 9
An Angel 81
Cold hard floor
leaving 3
Scared 1
I know
waking up
I try not to cry ... 1
I don't know what to do
hold my hand
You never lied
How you held me
infactuation 1
My mona lisa
Her Story 93
Is this what it feels like? 1
Your the bad one 1
this one's for you 2
Love 1
What Im looking for 2
Ready for Goodbye
something to think about 82
Scared to Death
I hate you 1
cold outside 1
untill the sun goes down
What if I never let go?
Mistakes 1
knowing you
Not for Maybe
the game 1
To Do List 1
10 things.
why dont you just leave?
flip a coin
outside that door.
falling in love
la la la
Funny Im not crying
I dunno 1
Baby 2
my heart goes out to you
Secrets 1