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Stand back
see the picture
the me picture
hold your breath
don't waste your words
this is what your parents didn't teach you

i stand strong and long
defying gravity and your wishes
for the sake of whom i care
not your subservient barmaid
not here for you to stare
to touch defile and dename
i'm not your ego game
not your inner pain and insecurities
your hoot and hollering
like knives
i'll throw them back
10 fold
into your lives

me nameless, fruitless, worthless
color me in your hate
your paints
i'm not a mirror for your pride
not a tree decorated with your words
not a billboard of your sin
not your dying words within
born from these paints
born in this skin
born to destroy your heaven
and merge into your kind
and destroy all kind
to make one kind

in your God, my God
different names, different places
substitute the words He gave to me
with the words He gave to you
you wouldn't know the difference
with His power, your God made me
with His power, my God made you
The oneness the power the strength
the same in all the faiths
your complex of the inferior
clouds the light of your Superior
the power to judge
is in His hands alone
pack up your bones
and account for yourself
your true wealth
is minimal in your hands
my wealth, plentiful like rain
my faith gives strength like day
His rays will guide me through
in His light

i forgive you
Posted: 2006-02-09 06:13:32 UTC

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2006-02-09 21:42:02Faith
Again, i am left speechless... the poem is that good.

2006-08-28 22:34:10.:side:walk:.
different and filled with energetic uniqueness

2006-08-28 22:34:10.:side:walk:.
different and filled with energetic uniqueness