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voices.from.nowhere. chant.and.chant.just.one.word.I.am.lost. I always love to write poems,songs,stories etc; so I I write poetry all the time, but it has been a year since I started, so I am still kind of "new" to this amazing form of art. writing poems or songs express my emotions, and all the poems I have written are truely emotional, even the emotion of being non-emotional. these poems are about my life. .♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Poem title Voter rating Comments
My fave short poem( i copied it from something just to tell you) 6
Faded memories 1
Not now, Not never 5
noises in my head 4
Drown you right out 5
locked up words 812
Trouble sleeping 3
A smile 84
The fake side of me 7
watching him 3
Standing for nothing 92
Hinted at the end 2
Into deep 2
That day 1
All at once 3
Your choice 3
Maybe one day 97
Not as what you think I am 1
Karma, throughout everything 83
Going to be okay ( song) 3
What I 'm telling you ( song) 2
Thats where she started from ( song) 2
Trapped in a cage ( song) 3
Exactly like the promise kept (song) 2
Low Novelty 84
Gives me chills 1
Dark Atmosphere From A Box 82
Woke up in the middle of the rain 2
Chasing down the hills 2
Across the light of breath 92
Message on the floor 1
Loneliness is true
Affection of Abuse 93